Does your strategy off the field give you an edge on the field?

Winning is about strategy, smarts, and ability. Adding the Pression Wave to your recovery regimen will help you train harder and longer and enable you to recover faster. Backed by years of research and real scientific evidence, the Pression Wave creates meaningful results you can feel and measure.

Faster Recovery

Pression’s smart algorithm adapts to you in real-time to provide compression only when it is advantageous to you. The result is effective treatment that is complete in minutes

Measurable Results

What good is a recovery device if you don’t know it is working? Pression’s recovery results are directly measurable and you can track them along with your other performance metrics.

Scientific Evidence

Our system is based on years of research and development. With it’s original design for military applications, you can trust that true scientific rigor is behind our algorithms and our results.

Stay Informed About Pression

The Pression Wave is currently in pilot trials with triathletes in the Philadelphia region. We are working to identify partners for our next round of trials in Spring 2020. Please use the form below to express your interest.

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