Science: Exertion Case Study

The Pression Wave was put through its paces with 14 healthy adults. They were asked to climb a step mill wearing a 50lb weighted vest in high-intensity intervals until they reached fatigue.


  • Participants:
    • 14 Healthy Adults
  • Task:
    • Participants wear a 50lb weighted vest for the duration of the study
    • Complete a stair climbing, high intensity interval exercise using a StepMill in 5-minute intervals of stair climbing separated by two minutes of standing rest

    • Interval exercise is repeated until the participant requests to terminate the exercise or for a maximum of 10 intervals


Evaluation of the benefits of Pression compression technology during exercise and recovery, comparing physiological metrics when participants performed exercise with and without compression technology


  • Blood lactate
  • Endurance
  • Blood flow volume

Case Study Results

Outcome #1: Period of Exertion Improvement

Participants were able to endure the intense step mill exercise 14% longer while using Pression compression technology than without it.

Outcome #2: Reduced Blood Lactate Levels

Participants saw lower systemic blood lactate levels while using Pression compression technology.


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