The Pression Wave is the result of 5 years and over $2M of research, development, and testing. These results are tested and proven by science, not hype.

Recovery for Peak Performance

Exercise is a stimulus to physical gains and recovery is the process where our bodies respond stimulus and build capability. Recovery requires: oxygen delivery, nutrient delivery, and waste removal. At the heart of all three is blood flow.

The Pression Wave increases blood flow by inducing pressure gradient changes and promoting vasodilation. This increases the rate at which oxygenated and nutrient rich blood is delivered and the rate at which waste products are removed. 

The result is faster recovery so you can train harder, sooner.

Why It Works

The Pression Wave increases blood flow through both vasodilation and pressure gradients

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Case Study: Walking

Walking studies have shown overwhelmingly clear benefits to Pression Wave

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Case Study: Exertion

The Pression Wave increases endurance under heavy exertion, allowing you to train harder

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