Science: Walking Case Study

The Pression Wave was put through its paces with 8 healthy adults. They were asked to walk on a tread mill at 9% grade in 5 minute intervals.


  • Participants:
    • 8 Healthy Adults
  • Task:
    • Complete a walking interval exercise using a tread mill at 2 mph with a 9% grade in 5-minute intervals of walking separated by two minutes of standing rest


Evaluation of the benefits of Pression compression technology during exercise and recovery, comparing physiological metrics when participants performed exercise with and without compression technology


  • Blood flow volume

Case Study Results

Results from this study indicate that Pression compression technology applied during walking and during post-exercise recovery augment the actions of the muscle pump and enhance vascular conductance to increase circulation, affecting indicators of muscle tissue oxygenation during both exercise and recovery.

The Pression Wave significantly improves blood flow and increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.


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