Science: Why It Works

The Pression Wave works with your body and adjusts to your individual needs in real time.

Old vs New

The Old method of compression therapy uses external pressure on the legs to drive pressure gradient changes to move blood out of the venous system. This method produces results when compression is first applied, but then it constricts the continued delivery of new blood to the legs, slowing your recovery.

The Pression Wave, via smart timing, engages pressure gradient changes and promotes vasodilation to increase blood flow and maximize compression benefit. The result is dramatically increased blood flow to the legs by 140% which increases the transport of oxygen, nutrients and glucose. Additionally, blood pressure is reduced and cellular waste products are removed all resulting in decreased recovery time and enabling you to get back to peak performance sooner.


The Pression Wave was originally designed to increase the endurance of soldiers in the field. Five years and over $2M of research, development, and testing were spent on it development. The Pression founding team saw the benefits that individualized compression therapy could bring to all athletes and formed the company. Over 100 people have tested the Pression Wave to date and we are confident enough in our results to share them with the world.


The popliteal vein brings deoxygenated blood and waste products from the lower legs back to the heart for reoxygenation.


Popliteal Vein Blood Flow Without Compression

Pression Wave compression technology increases venous blood flow back to the heart mitigating the pooling of blood in the legs and the impact of waste products on muscle recovery. ​

Popliteal Vein Blood Flow With Pression Wave


The popliteal artery delivers oxygenated blood and nutrients to the lower legs to provide the muscles with the resources they need to perform.

Popliteal Artery Blood Floow Without Compression

Pression Wave compression technology increases the overall blood flow delivery to the lower legs via an individualized timing sequence.

Popliteal Artery Blood Flow With Pression Wave