Patented smart compression platform enhancing circulation and cardiac function for heart failure patients.

Assisting hearts at just the right time

Heart Failure by the Numbers

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Acute Heart Failure Hospitalizations Annually in the US
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Annual Medical Costs for Treating Heart Failure
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Cause of Hospitalization of Patients Over Age 65

Heart failure describes a heart that cannot keep up with its workload. Fluid builds up throughout the body, particularly around the heart and lungs and in the legs and feet. This causes basic physical tasks to become exhausting and the lack of activity exacerbates the fluid build up, creating a vicious cycle. If one could mobilize the fluid in patients’ legs, it would aid in overall circulation, support increased physical activity, and decrease the workload on the heart.

Currently, physicians attempt to stave off this fluid buildup with medications (diuretics, AKA water pills). These medications work by increasing the output of your kidneys relative to the volume of fluid that passes through them. The issue with these medications is they don’t increase circulation. The weakened heart is still unable to push hard enough to keep fluids from building up in the legs. A solution to mobilize that fluid is needed.

The Pression Wave

Our platform is called the Wave. It consists of a pair of sleeves worn on each of your calves which are connected via tubing to a compression control box. It is very simple to put on, involving just two Velcro tabs on each sleeve and quick connections for the tubing. Each sleeve has five segments which sequentially inflate from the ankle to the knee in the space between heart beats. This is a key insight and covered in our patent issued in October, 2020. Applying between beats means we work with the heart, not against it.

If you apply compression at the same time the heart is beating, you reduce the heart’s effectiveness and slow down circulation. We’ve discovered a window of opportunity in this short space between beats where applying compression to just your calves increases circulation throughout your body. From there we solved the technical challenge of sensing this window of opportunity within a 20 millisecond window and developing a compression technique which could rapidly apply compression within 300 milliseconds, faster than the blink of an eye.

Stay Informed About Pression

The Pression Wave is currently preparing for pre-clinical trials in the Philadelphia region. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please submit you name and email below.