Developing the

Wave PRO

External Counterpulsation Therapy

Non-invasive treatment for debilitating, untreatable, chest pain caused
by Refractory Angina.

Assisting hearts at just the right time

Patented smart compression system enhancing circulation
and relieving symptoms of refractory angina.

1 M
Coronary Artery
Disease Patients
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ECP Eligible Patients
$ 0 B
Annual Refractory Angina
Treatment Costs

PCI and Optimal Medical Therapy Have
Failed Refractory Angina Patients

Few options exist between optimal medical therapy and invasive procedures. After invasive procedures (bypass and stents), patients need a non-invasive option that increases circulation to span the gap. Enter theĀ Pression Wave.

The Pression Wave PRO is a non-invasive, cardiac-gated compression therapy called External Counterpulsation (ECP) which increases circulation and relieves some of the debilitating effects of heart disease. Our patented technology is the result of years of research and development.

What is External Counterpulsation (ECP)?

External counterpulsation (ECP) is a non-invasive medical treatment used to treat patients with angina (chest pain). The treatment involves the use of inflatable cuffs that are placed around the patient’s legs, which are inflated and deflated in sync with the patient’s heartbeat. The cuffs are designed to compress the patient’s leg blood vessels during diastole (the relaxation phase of the heart’s cycle), which increases blood flow to the heart and improves the supply of oxygen to the heart muscle and improving angina symptoms.

ECP is considered a safe and effective treatment for angina and has been shown to improve exercise tolerance and quality of life in patients with these conditions.


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